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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Everything that you need to know in subscribing to VEVE.

How can I sign-up to VEVE Internet Plans?

You can register online at veve.my, visit the VEVE Customer Experience Centre (CEC) at Kepayan Cyber Square, or contact our customer service on WhatsApp at 012-792 6990.

What is VEVE Prepaid Fibre Plan?

VEVE Prepaid Fibre is a plan WITHOUT contract that let the user to enjoy high-speed fibre internet with no extra commitments. It is a pay-as-you-use concept. Each subscription will consist of 30 days of internet usage.

What is VEVE Postpaid Fibre Plan?

VEVE Postpaid Fibre is a 12-months contract based internet plan that allows you to enjoy high-speed internet connectivity via fiber optic technology. It has an active subscription of 30 days within each month.

During the sign-up, are there any up-front payments?

Upon sign-up, we will only collect payment for the Internet Plan Fee + Activation Fee (RM50) + 6% SST. Upon activation, the service is available for a period of 30 days from the activation date (Validity Period).


It is recommended that you top up on or before the 28th day to ensure no service interruption. If a customer fails to top up by the 30th day, the service will be automatically disconnected. All payments must be made via our Self-Selection Portal, which will guide you to our payment gateway for online payment initiation.

Do I need to pay for the Installation Fee?

No, we have waivered the Installation Fee which is RM150. Therefore, you only need to bear the cost of the Internet Plan, Activation Fee, and SST 6%.

How does the 7 Days Money-back Guarantee works?

If you decide to terminate your subscription within the first 7 days of signing up, no penalties will be incurred, and you will receive a refund. Please note that the Activation Fee of RM50 is non-refundable.

Do I receive a router?

Yes, a router will be supplied to you. Please note that in the event you decide to terminate your internet subscription with VEVE, the router will be collected by our team.

What are the supported routers?

All VEVE plans come with a XPON Dualband ONU router, and it comes with a 1-year warranty.


VEVE also supports these routers below if you preferred to use your own routers at home:


What if my equipment becomes faulty, damaged or lost?

You are responsible for the safekeeping of the equipment. Our equipment is covered by a limited warranty during your contract period.


If the equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen while in your care, you will be required to cover the full cost for replacement, repair, or recovery of the equipment, including any associated legal or collection costs. These expenses will be charged to you in your monthly bill.

When will the installation process occur?

After registering for VEVE internet online or at at our Customer Experience Centre (CEC), we will contact you within 3 business days to confirm your installation appointment.


Upon confirmation with our agent, you will receive an email detailing your appointment date and time. If you need to reschedule your installation appointment, please contact our customer service at 012 792 6990.

Can I choose my own installation date?

Yes, you need to inform customer service at 012-792 6990 first before you can choose your preferred date and time based on slot availability.

How long is the installation process?
Standard installation takes an average of 30 minutes to 1 hours depending on the situation
What should I do if I want to reschedule my installation date?

To reschedule or cancel, please inform us no later than three (3) working days before the installation date.


A rescheduling or cancellation fee of RM200 will be imposed if you make changes within 24 hours of your previously scheduled appointment.

What should I do if I want to terminate?

Step 1: To terminate the service, provide us with a 30-day notice through our online channels listed below:

a. VEVE Self Care Portal at veve.my

b. Live Chat via veve.my

c. Email at help cs@veve.my


Step 2: We will issue your pre-final bill, indicating your outstanding balance. A VEVE representative will SMS you within seven (7) days to confirm your termination request.


Step 3: You will receive an SMS confirming the completion of your termination request. Please note that you are required to return any devices.

Billing Questions

Everything that you need to know in billing and how to pay.

What will I see on my first bill?

Your first bill will consist of your 30 days subscription fee for the first month according to the type of service you subscribed. You will see a statement reflecting your usage from the date of activation until the 30th day.

Where do I receive my bill?

We will send monthly notifications of your service subscription bill to the email address provided during registration or as updated by you.


You can access, download, or print your bill if needed by visiting our Self Care Portal (https://selfcare.veve.my/app/).

What if I don't receive my bill?

If you are unable to view your bill in the Self Care Portal, please notify us at cs@veve.my.


You may have changed the email address you initially provided during registration. It is your responsibility to regularly check the Portal for the latest bill updates.

When should I pay for my internet subscription?

For Contract plans, You should pay before the due date as specified in your bill.


For No Contract plans, the due date is the 30th day from the date of activation or the last payment made.


However, it is recommended that you make the payment on or before the 28th day to allow for payment processing. Failure to do so by the 30th day will result in the disconnection of your service.

How do I make payments on my bill?

Easily view and pay your bills through our Self Care Portal. Initiate payments from your debit or credit card account at any time through our Self Care Portal (https://selfcare.veve.my/app/).


We will be adding more payment methods for your convenience soon.

VEVE Gaming Plans

Wondering what comes in subscribing to VEVE Gaming?

I’m an existing subscriber, can I switch my plan to the new plan?

Existing Veve PREPAID & POSTPAID subscribers are eligible to opt in for the new plan by contacting our customer support to check for the eligibility before you can switch plan.

Customers will not be able to downgrade or switch to any other plans within the subscription period as upon plan switched.

What are the charges to subscribe to VEVE Gaming Plan?

For new customers or those who subscribe to VEVE under 12-months, the charges will be the Internet Plan  + Activation Fee RM100 (ONE TIME) + SST 6%.

For existing customers, the charges will be Internet Plan  + SST 6%, with activation fee of RM100 being waivered. Do contact our customer service.

Upon activation, the services is available for a period of 30 days from the Activation date (validity Period).  In the event a Customer fails to top up on the 30th day, the Service will automatically be disconnected. 

Do I need to pay for the Installation Fee?

No. For VEVE Gaming Plan, we have waivered the Installation Fee which is RM150. Therefore, you only need to bear the cost of the Internet Plan, Activation Fee, and SST 6%.

Do I receive a router with the Prepaid Plan subscription?

Yes. With VEVE Gaming Plan, you will receive a TPLINK AX-3000. Please note that in the event you decide to terminate your internet subscription with VEVE, the router will be collected by our team.

Will my contract be renewed?

If you are currently still in contract, your contract period remains unchanged with no further extension.

If you are already out of contract, the contract will not be renewed upon switch to the new plan, unless there is a change of equipment.

Is there any equipment change at my premise?

If your equipment currently does not support the new speed, you can contact us to request for equipment change if necessary however new plan comes with latest equipment which will be switched for customer after opt in for the plan. Our customer support will guide you throughout the process.

Any equipment upgrade subjects to a new 12-month contract.

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